I thought about using some flashy big word to launch this blog like maybe my husband would if this were his blog. He is so eloquent. That’s why he married me. You know, for balance.

I probably should begin by forewarning you that I am a much better academic writer than I am an informal writer. When I am writing about myself and my own experiences I tend write the way I speak, foregoing any regard for punctuation or grammar rules. It suits me.

While I am a great speller, there will be commas you cannot figure out. Just go ahead and assume those are big old conversational pauses. I also like to use elipses to keep you in suspense. I know that isn’t what they are for but on this page that is exactly what they are for. I’m probably going to curse at least one time and there might be one or two million pictures of my adorable family. I apologize in advance to those of you without children. Those of you with children, “Omg. I know, right?! So cute!”


This blog is primarily an avenue for me to document this carefully planned out length of a plank they call the journey to the nursing profession. I have been on said journey since Summer, 2013. I’ve been working on my pre-requisites and application for the Summer, 2014 School of Nursing cohort at the University of My Choosing (see what I did there?) Why UMC? Oh, this is easy. I’m a born and raised here. I LOVE it here. My whole family is here (except my extended cousins and grandparents that hail from Savannah, GA) and I LOVE UMC!! Great school, great strict teachers and GREAT access to some of the best hospitals and care units in the country. What a perfect launch pad for a lady such as myself looking to break into the nursing profession all the way from…Finance?

Yeah, Finance. I said it. One more time so that it can sink in…Finance. Ten years, a marriage and a baby later and I am sooooooooooo over FINANCE! And what’s worse? Finance with a Bachelor of Science in…Psychology!

You see, I had a plan. I had a great plan to be in a career where I would be talking and working with people helping them make it in this great big world and instead, I walked into finance. This sometimes happens when you work full-time while going to school; you find yourself in some really strange places wondering how you ended up there. Thank goodness for epiphanies.

My epiphany came in the form of the birth of my son. L.D. Nursh (get ready to swoon) was born June, 2012 via totally unplanned emergency c-section. The first night of his 2-week-early arrival was the scariest of his life to date. While peacefully sleeping what felt like 3 miles (but was really like 7 feet) away from my just-operated-on abdomen, L.D. began choking violently on what we now understand was amniotic fluid not fully dispensed from his little lungs. Watching my newborn son choke, shiver on top of being unable to walk to him was by far the most debilitating feeling I have ever felt before in my life. I had only been a mother for a total of 5 hours. 

Thank GOD, and I do mean GOD, for the adorable little nurse who just happened to walk in that evening. She was so calm. So reassuring. So sweet. And she was beating the living shit out of my son forcing him to expel the liquid from his little 5lb14oz body. But she never broke her smile, never raised her voice, never so much as flinched as she worked vigorously to get our new little man that big breath he was fighting for.

Needless to say, she succeeded:

Today, that little boy is the center of my world. That nurse, her peers and all the other nurses that cared for us during that 4 day stay in the hospital have changed and touched my life forever. If I do not chase the dream of giving that feeling to another first mother I will never forgive myself. And I simply cannot wait to do so.

Please join me in my quest to change the world, one patient at a time.

From finance to stethoscope,

Hellooo Nurse