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It’s all so surreal. I’ve spent all the money we had saved for second car on preparation for school. I hope to pay that all back with a withdrawal from my 401k. As stupid as that sounds, the reality is I cannot go to school if my family doesn’t have 2 cars. We just wouldn’t make it and our son would suffer.

Either way, I am so excited about this next chapter of our lives!! As apprehensive as I am about working with the sick and¬† concerned public, it doesn’t match my enthusiasm!!! I’ve ordered the girliest versions of all things medical that I could find, from stethoscopes to bags to surgical shears.

I figured my enthusiasm would wane as I went through the program so may as well keep up the excitement momentum now.

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Whatcha Doin?

Warning…this is a phone post. Inevitable incoherent grammar will occur.

It’s 7:30 in the morning and my wee family is asleep. I, on the other hand, am not. I’m far too excited to sleep!!

So, what have I been doing?

The past week I have been spending money like a mad woman getting everything in place to start school in May! I’ve signed my son up at the neighborhood preschool, which also happens to be one of the best in the city. I’ve ordered not 1, but 2 stethoscopes (a Prestige Medical Clear Sound & a Littmann Classic II) after caving under the pressure to buy a really good one. I love them both and reckon will get good use out of them. I’ve ordered the most expensive shoes I’ve ever heard of (and quite possibly the ugliest): Danskos. I bought the pants for my school uniform and accompanying boat shoes. I ordered pen lights, blood pressure cuff (betty boop, of course), a certified background check (as opposed to an uncertified one?), paid my HESI exam fees (pre-licensure testing stuff) and have spent a good chunk of time in the financial aid office.

Oh, but that’s not all. I’ve given more blood than I’ve ever given before in my life to be screened for immunity to all sorts of infectious diseases. I’ve joined every single nurses association under the sun and I’ve scheduled a celebration dinner with my family where I plan to give out personalized “awards” to a select few whom without which I would never had made it this far.

This is a wild ride, but I am still in the driver’s seat.

I’ll update more soon when my wrist can bear it!!

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Nailed the interview…or nah?

I did it. I did the interview. It consisted of me walking around amongst 50 other suited females (and occasionally, a male) that are as smart or smarter than me before going through the excitement of picking out my shirt size and then finally sitting in a room with 3 of those smart suited individuals and praying that what I was saying was what the 3 panelists wanted to hear.

I talked about my caring heart, the eye-opening experience that I had in the hospital when I was an inpatient, the challenge that being a mother and a student afforded me, and I explained why I thought UNF was a great fit for me.

In the end, the result?


And I think I know why…I hardly talked about nursing and everyone else in the room talked about nursing. I talked about my experiences, and myself and a lot about UMC. But I didn’t talk about nursing.

And I think I became a victim of my 11 years in business. In a business interview, you talk about yourself – who you are. You don’t talk about your field. You talk about you and why your experiences make you good for that job.

In this interview, you’re basically applying to become something you never ever ever have been before. Something you don’t really know a whole lot about, but think you would be great for…I see why they choose who they do…they want to make sure you’re committed to nursing!

Now, having said that – I didn’t bomb my interview. I basically did well, but not GREAT!. How do I know?

Well, because people with scores even better than my 335 TEAS and 3.9 GPA got flat out denied. No waitlist, no option for maybe…just denied, leaving me to believe that it had to be their interview.

So I did well on my interview and OK on my TEAS.

As I wait for that call to come on in once those who just applied to UMC as a back up release their spots, I prepare to apply for the fall semester with the knew knowledge that I need to do well on my TEAS and GREAT on my interview — two places I definitely believe I can improve now that I know how the game is played.

Remember, this is all new to me — and I’m so terribly proud of myself for trying this cold turkey. I know what to expect now, and the fact that I didn’t get knocked off my horse is an indicator to me that I want this.

I also believe it’s a blessing in disguise — after meeting the current students, I found myself intimidated at the idea of being in a grueling 14 months program after just climbing out of the debt from our marriage and our brand new child while nurturing our brand new marriage and paying for our brand new home. It just sounds like uneeded stress when I can arrive at the same result a few months later with more focus and a lot less tears.

So, I remain hopeful that I’ll get that “call” and even more hopeful that I am totally prepared for NEXT time!

Speak soon!!!

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Achievement Unlocked: Interview.


Hallelujah! Thank Somebody!

Your girl got in there and snagged herself a spot at the interviews! Thank goodness. The average TEAS was 338, and the average GPA was 3.76. So I beat the average GPA, but I’m slightly behind that TEAS. That’s a bit intimidating seeing as how the TEAS is 35% of my darling ranking after the interview. So, my interview just got 10x more important. But I think I can handle it.

Right now I think I’m just going to bask in my celebration and have some cake.

I did it!!

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Time’s Up!

images¬†Hallelujah! Praise somebody. The deadline is here: January 15th. In less than 2 hours, this damn nail biting agony will be over and done with. No more folks to compete with, finally. But…I still gotta wait. I still gotta wait on that “Yes! You have an interview!” to come along.


Today, I started my Microbiology class. Oh, man, is it going to be fun. My professor is sooo awesome and while I liked my old A&P II teacher, I’m happy I moved on from her and took this other teach instead for Micro. She is more my speed and much more my kinda funny. A great way to say goodbye to the State College (for now). And you know, while I’m on the subject, some people are totally sleeping on these State Colleges. I totally hated on them when I was young and stupid, convinced they were for “so-so” individuals. Man, please. These classes are hard, the instructors are genius! and the education I am getting is 10x more relatable than it was during my first undergrad. A lot of that may have to do with my age and maturity level. Let’s be real, I AM in my 30s, married with a child. My organization and time management skills have been honed, tried and tested. Basically, I have the discipline now that I didn’t have then. I also want now, when I only was “doing” then. Anyhow, I digress, never again will I look down on sister State College. It is so worth it and if for some reason I do not get into UMC, I will be pounding the pavement towards the State College program and I will graduate from it proudly!


Let’s keep in touch, eh?