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The Two Year Old Nurse…

Hello, friends…

Well, what can I say? It has been quite some time since I have been back to update you on the life of a brand new nurse. So much has happened in a year…so much. First, I sadly must inform you that I am no longer a wife. Yeah, no. I rejoined the pool of singles after ending my 6 year marriage last year. That’s right. I’m a statistic.

But, I stand back up, brush off my skinned knees and move on.

I turn two years old in 23 days. That’s right. I have been a nurse now for two years. I just renewed my license — a CE feat not to shake a stick at. And, as luck would have it, I got to change my name at the same time as license renewal. Two birds, one stone. šŸ™‚

I am again ACLS and BLS certified and I am up for CNOR certification and CLC recertification this year.

So, how has it been?

The OR…well, the OR is an interesting place. I still love it just as much today as I did yesterday, although my zest for actually going to work has dwindled as does everyone’s zest after getting up every morning at 5:45am. One of the things I learned in my two years as being a surgical nurse is that everyone is having sex with everyone. It is unreal how much sex healthcare workers enjoy with one another. Mind-blowing. I reckon 8 – 12 hours in such close quarters with so many different smart and talented people is enough to get anyone randy — especially when we share such a taboo language (blood and guts) with one another. But, holy cow.

Oh, and let’s talk drama. There is soooo much drama. You’d think people had no life outside of their jobs the way they start and peel away drama. For example, there are about 5 females at work fighting right now over someone taking birthday decorations down. I am talking 30 – 40 year old grown ass women fighting – literally fighting – over taking birthday decorations down. I’m not talking the day after the birthday. I’m talking 25 fucking days after the birthday.

Luckily, the new grad I was hired with has the same personality and sense of humor I do. Without her, I would probably go insane. Having said all that…I still love these crazy hyenas I call my co-workers. This is one close family that nobody can deny lol

So, how has my nursing practice changed in 2 years? My confidence is the biggest thing that has changed. I am no longer afraid to challenge doctors or their orders. They’re just people like anybody else. In fact, I have become quite fond of them like you might become fond of a close family friend. I am learning to scrub, which means I am taking my practice to the next level. I’m considering becoming a Nurse Practitioner, but to be honest I am enjoying so much being an RN that I’m a little scared to leave something I love so much to pursue more…

I feel knowledgable. I feel empowered. There is still so much left to learn and I’d love to learn it all, but I’m thrilled to be in a career that offers me so much opportunity without fear of losing my financial stability. My divorce could have crippled me. We have a young child together who is in private school. But, no. It didn’t. Because I am stable.Ā  The opportunities for extra money though call shifts, PRN work or picking up shifts is limitless. The connections are limitless. I am so thankful for my life and most importantly for my smile.

I’m excited to see where the next steps take me…

But for now, I think I’ll enjoy taking Spanish lessons šŸ™‚



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