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Making the OR home

Well, I have to say…it’s getting better. Mainly because I am finally in my home facility instead of training in the bigger facility where it’s common place for surgeons to be complete and total assholes to their staff.

I work for a system that has 5 satellite hospitals. The hospital that I was hired into is closest to my home and is staffed with really great physicians. The culture there is so much more mature and amiable than the culture in the hospital we spent 2.5 months training. I am so happy to be out of there and where I was meant to be.

I love my colleagues and I love our surgeons and anesthesiologists. Everyone is awesome and most importantly…welcoming. It just goes to show that if you are a new grad or nurse resident reading this and you feel miserable where you are…know that life is better and the grass is greener when you finally get where you were meant to be.


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