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CLC Course and LAT Competency


Well, guys…

That’s the 4th semester of nursing school in the bag as of December, 2015. I only have one semester left (can you believe it?) and somebody will (hopefully) be calling me a nurse. I finished this semester with 4 As. That felt good after that mind blowing 9 credit hour B from 3rd semester. As a promise to myself, I am now ACLS certified!! It’s amazing how empowering that feels.

On the vision board I started while I was a pre-nursing student, I added 5 acronyms in the following order:

  1. BSN – Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  2. RN – Registered Nurse
  3. CLC – Certified Lactation Counselor
  4. IBCLC – International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
  5. DNP – Doctor of Nursing Practice

I wrote them in that order, because that was the order I believed I would achieve them in. Imagine my excitement when I found out that wasn’t true!

I finished my 4th semester early so that I would be able to mosey on down to Tampa and fulfill a dream of mine at the insistence of my nothing-short-of-amazing OB professor. That course was the Certified Lactation Counselor course offered by Healthy Children – a non-profit organization that focuses on making sure the littles have a great start at life.

The CLC course is a 5 full-day course facilitated by (in my case) two CLC, IBCLC RNs with multiple years of experience as lactation consultants, followed by a 100 question multiple-choice exam and a competency evaluation using the Lactation Assessment Tool taught to us in class. The facilitators were both experts on the information and that was ever so clear in their presentations. Coming on the heels of just having finished up my  Women’s Health course at school, much of the information I already knew…but I also learned SO much. It was an amazing class.

Here’s my gripe:

You have to wait 6 – 8 weeks to find out if you passed the exam. OMG, the anxiety until then. Luckily, I will have plenty to keep me busy while I wait in school.

We had to take the ridiculously subjective LAT competency BEFORE we started the 100 question exam. Here’s the thing, fellow humans, you have to pass one of 2 videos that are shown to you as part of the exam. If you fail both of these videos, it doesn’t matter if you were a rockstar on the 100 multiple choice portion of the exam. At the end of 5 long days jam packed with information, homework and time spent away from home (you have to travel to a destination where this class is being held), God only knows the disappointment you would feel if you fail any portion of this exam. Starting off with the toughest part of the exam was pretty discouraging. The information you are assessing is so very subjective and you’re praying that the experts were thinking just like you — and what’s worse? You won’t know for 6 – 8 weeks.

HAVING griped about that, the beauty is that I still walk away with 45 hours of lactation education under my belt and I cannot shake a finger at that. That is wonderful.

A little extra boost of confidence is that as we were leaving, one of the (wonderful) facilitators asked me to come back and teach for them once I get a couple of years under my belt. That felt great 🙂 I told her I would love to! Let’s just hope I get passed this test, first!!