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Labor and Deliver Me


Guys. I found my happy place. I mean, c’mon. We all knew where it was but I am so happy that I actually found it: Labor & Delivery. So, we all know I am in love with the Operating Room. That hasn’t changed. I LOVE the OR. Even more exciting than the OR is being able to have some serious autonomy in labor and delivery. But, you know what’s so beautiful? L&D has it all. An OR, autonomy and sweet little babies. My job would require me to read strips, make some serious judgment calls, prevent hemorrhages and recognize emergent situations way before the doctor is even on site. That is some serious autonomy. It doesn’t hurt that the end result is a beautiful brand new life. I love that.

Bonus? I get to teach. I get to teach Childbirth Classes, sibling classes, breastfeeding classes. So many great great classes. I love that, too. Now, every amazing thing comes with a downside, and I’ve seen this downside more than my fair share of times…circumcisions. I am not against circumcisions. I’m not particularly for them either. This is truly an area where it is totally up to mom & partner to decide the best for their family. HOWEVER, I AM A FIRM BELIEVER IN ANESTHESIA AND A DAMN GOOD SURGEON. I cannot stress enough to you parents out there to make sure you understand that local anesthesia is NOT a given in circumcisions. Don’t send your little dude back there without knowing anesthesia use of your surgeon. There is no worse sound on the planet than hearing a newborn scream. Nothing worse. While that makes me want to vomit in my mouth, it has also strengthened in me my first resolve as a nurse –advocate for the tiniest of patients by making sure parents are well informed about what happens to their children when they are ushered away.

Now that that is out of the way — let’s get down to how in the hell I’m going to get on an L&D floor as a new grad. It’s damn near impossible. I am hoping to make moves that will make it not so impossible, but…I appreciate that it is damn near impossible. To be in the recovery room and circulate through the OR, you need to be ACLS certified — OK, check. I will have that on November 30th!

To teach childbirth classes, you better know a thing or two about breastfeeding – CHECK, I will have my Certified Lactation Counselor credential on December 11th.

I joined the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrical and Neonatal Nurses, but I’m having trouble finding the active chapter here at home. I will have to keep searching for them because they have to be out there somewhere!

I am also going to look into a STABLE certification, a NRP certification and take a Fetal Heart Monitoring class as well. Basically, I am doing everything in my power to become an amazing candidate right out of the gate. I am pray it all works out and hoping I can really make a difference in the lives of others the way that differences were made in my young family’s life.

Wish me luck!