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3rd Semester – IN THE BAG!

3rd Semester of nursing school is complete! I did it. I have to say that I am feeling more and more nursey every day. My clinicals are starting to make a little more sense, the drugs are starting to be remembered and at the same time I feel like I know nothing.

This semester I took Adult Health II (Med-Surg), Nursing Ethics, Nursing Science II and Perioperative Nursing. I got 3 As and 1 B. Unfortunately, the B was in a 9 credit hour class, so my poor GPA has fallen to a 3.28 from a 3.5. I am super bummed about that. I was so close. At any rate, I have to somehow pull 3 As out of my ass for next semester in order to be a 3.5 and achieve some dreams I have to be inducted into Sigma Theta Tau and also be a good contender for graduate school.

It’s funny. I came into nursing school wanting to be a lactation consultant. Part of me still wants to do that. But, the other part of me has truly enjoyed perioperative nursing and even more so loved cardiovascular surgery. I witnessed a nurse practitioner assisting in cardiac surgery and I thought – wow, I really want to be here. Really really bad. So, I called up UAB who has an NP-RNFA program. The catch? I would become an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner – Registered Nurse First Assist. Wow. Talk about specialized!! I’m not sure what all that exactly entails, but I know that the acceptance is closer to a 3.5 so, yet another reason I need to keep my 3.5 GPA.But, hey, I passed my Adult Health HESI!!

So? How did it go this go-round? I made a pact with myself not to stress. Not to let stress get to me the way I did last semester. While this semester saw me a lot more relaxed, a lot more calm and a lot less worried about everything. I did run into some hurdles. First, Little L was sicker than he has ever been before. Fevers, the flu, and 2 staples in the back of his head. My poor little guy couldn’t catch a break. My husband found a way to pay over 800 hours worth of video games which was very difficult to swallow when I had just come home from work, school and picking up my son. He quit school in favor of work which is never good. Sigh. I didn’t have as many “friends” this semester as I have had in the past – both in and out of school. The folks I had had clinical with for a while were in different sites so we didn’t see much of each other. We made up for it in the end, though. School wise? I was very very busy. I sat on the board for the Student Nurses Association, went to 3 conferences – 2 student and 1 professional. I joined both the AORN and AACN (perioperative and critical care) and I’ve made contacts all throughout the professional team.

Today, I can’t believe I am 4th semester nursing student but I am ready! I get to work with children (i’m terrified – don’t wanna see sick babies) and in OB next semester. It will be nice to see if I can truly handle it or not. We shall see.Oh, about those interviews, I got the externship at the hospital closest to my house! It’s one of the city’s newer hospitals and I am absolutely thrilled to be working there this summer. As I went for my pre-employment screening, I also scored a contact to get some IV and sticking practice in the outpatient screening center. They do X-Rays and phlebotomy there so it would be a kickass place to get some practice. I want to be REALLY REALLY good at sticking people, as terrible as that sounds.

At any rate – I’m looking forward to being active in AORN, AACN and my final year of SNA. I am planning to pump out 4 As next semester and get that 3.5 I need to be a contender for both Sigma Theta Tau and grad school. I’m planning some fun little jaunts with my little family to get back in the normal swing of things. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for me!!!