Posted in on a personal note


I’m not even going to lie. I went into nursing wanting to birth babies and be a lactation consultant…and now I’m looking for a job in the OR. But, I don’t want to give up my lactation consultant license. I think I’m just going to be weird and do them both. Is that a thing? If it isn’t, do I care? I mean, seriously…who gives a shit. If I want to be in the OR AND be a lactation consultant, who’s to say I can’t do it? I would never get bored. I’d always be doing something different, and I could do LC PRN.

I bet if I asked a seasoned nurse she’d laugh in my face…but maybe the fact that I’m not seasoned gives me an edge that she may have lost? I don’t know.

Ask me again in about 5 years. I might laugh in my own face.


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