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An interview!


Well guys…I am almost 2 months into my 3rd semester and, well, what can I say? Shit’s getting real. Forgive my french, but it is. In only 2 semesters, I will be expected to know everything I should know and they’ll give me a license if I pass a test. What the?

To soften the blow, I’ve taken a perioperative elective and as a result have applied to 2 perioperative externships. Good news is I got both interviews! Bad news is I have no clue which one to pick. At any rate, I am going to the first interview tomorrow. I’ve picked up my suit jacket and heels. I’ve straightened my hair because for some reason I get more jobs with straight hair than my naturally curly hair ::side eye, America::.

As far as school goes, my 3rd Semester so far has been my most relaxed (in stress terms). My family life is less stressful because I’m less stressed. I went into this semester promising myself that I would not stress about school or my family life. I would always put Loxley first, I would fit school in where I could and must and I would have a plan b, c, and d and MOST importantly, a study plan. My grades have tremendously improved (not that they were bad before). I am cookin’. My son is doing great in school and other than normal freak mom out ailments, he has been relatively healthy. My husband has a new job he loves, but still obsesses over video games. So when I’m not looking at the back of his head as he goes to work, I’m still looking at it because all he does when he’s home is play video games. But, it’s not a strip club, so I suppose I’m happy.

I’m just taking life as is and that’s working for me. My work life would otherwise be stressful if I hadn’t decided not to let it bother me. I was rated the worst I have ever been rated in my entire life in the 12 years I have been there at my end-year performance review. And it was for reasons that weren’t my fault – I was just an easy scapegoat because a) I’m not a manager b) i’m not a financier and c) I work casual part-time. All really good ways to put me down. I’d truthfully be crying right now if I didn’t already have my plan B and C in place.

I am doing an awful lot. I’m working, I’m in school full-time in a degree program where a test average less than 73 kicks you out of school, I’m the primary caregiver of my 2.5 year old son, I’m the Chair of a Student Organization for Nursing Students (likely to become award winning at that!) and I’ve just taken up an intramural sport with my fellow classmates. In short, I’m crazy. But, I’m happy. I still manage to steal little kisses from my sweet boy and take quick jaunts to Disney. I manage to do things that make me happy and in only 2 short days I’ll be 32 years old.

That brings me to my next point…how I’m treated in clinicals. You know, I feel sorry for you 20 – 24 year olds. The way some of these kids treat me at clinical is…embarrassing. And I think if I were a young adult I would be so upset. But at 32 years old, they don’t phase me. When they find out that I’m a married mother and 32 years old at that…their jaws hit the floor and I’m automatically treated with so much more respect. It’s incredible. This whole nurses eat their young is one thing…but I wonder if it’s for the young only. I’ve seen and done far too much to be eaten in only one bite. It would take a good amount of chewing for me to be eaten, and so much more for me to even care about someone else’s bad attitude. I know I look young, especially in my scrubs with my hair pulled back and barely any make-up on. I’ve always looked young. But damn the way you are TREATED when you look young!!! It’s terrible. I’m used as a PCT all the time in clinical. Nurses are always trying to get rid of their students despite the fact that you’re supposed to be watering your little baby nurse to help him/her grow. C’mon man!!

This totally became a rant. I must have needed it đŸ™‚

See y’all on the flip side!

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I’m not even going to lie. I went into nursing wanting to birth babies and be a lactation consultant…and now I’m looking for a job in the OR. But, I don’t want to give up my lactation consultant license. I think I’m just going to be weird and do them both. Is that a thing? If it isn’t, do I care? I mean, seriously…who gives a shit. If I want to be in the OR AND be a lactation consultant, who’s to say I can’t do it? I would never get bored. I’d always be doing something different, and I could do LC PRN.

I bet if I asked a seasoned nurse she’d laugh in my face…but maybe the fact that I’m not seasoned gives me an edge that she may have lost? I don’t know.

Ask me again in about 5 years. I might laugh in my own face.