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I survived 2nd Semester!


I’m going to be 100% honest with you, here.

I have no idea how I did it. I have absolutely no earthly idea how I passed 2nd Semester. It was hell. Complete and utter hell. Lectures were one thing while tests…well, tests were something entirely different. I had teachers that had no idea what they were teaching us and clinical sites that made me wonder why the hell I started pursuing this field in the first place.

But you know what? I did it. I survived it. I didn’t make my straight As like I wanted to…but I didn’t make any Cs either. What’s super hard to accept as a nursing student is anything lower than an A. That’s because, unless you paid for your seat in your school of choice, you competed to get here got dammit, and that means you had good grades. Nursing school has a way of making sure that you forget exactly where you came from. They are here to humble you, because I’m telling you I have no idea how in anybody’s name you’re supposed to learn every single thing they throw at you, and go out there and save lives within a year’s time.

I digress.

The end-of-semester tests (HESIs) show me that my efforts were not in vein. Somehow, I retained something because i’m passing those HESIs which are meant to prepare you for the NCLEX. I suppose that’s a good thing.

Now that 3rd semester has started and I only have 2 semesters left after this one…I’m feeling pretty good. Afterall, I get to do more in the OR this semester, and next semester is all about mommies and babies! You know I’m excited about that!

I’m certainly not the bright-eyed bushy-tailed excited pre-nursing student that I was last year. No. I know what I’m in for now and I actually shed a tear before this semester started.

Let’s do this!