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Why I returned the iPhone 5s in less than 24h


This is way off topic; or, is it?

I start the intimidating nursing journey in less than one week. In preparation for that journey, I have been purchasing all sorts of expensive things that will undoubtedly move me closer to my goal.

The second most expensive purchase (no, really, my books were $1600) was my just released,  brand spanking new, MacBook Air.

Now, I have been and Android user for a very long time. I have owned a few Apple desktops and an iPad, so I am definitely not an Apple hater. I am married to, arguably, the biggest Apple fan boy in all the land. So, you know what? I gave the iPhone a chance. I figured it would pair nicely with my new laptop. After all,  my Samsung Galaxy s3 was a few years old and paid for; now was good a time as any to make the switch.

At 4:00pm, I walked out of the mobile store feeling very proud of my 16gb golden iPhone 5s. By 3:00pm the next day, I was happily returning it.

What went wrong?

Let me start off by saying that this is a very sexy phone.  It demands respect with its metal frame and shiny glass face. The color is WHOA.  Siri is the business. Buuuuut, that same metal frame blocks the shit out of a signal in my out-of-the-way suburban neighborhood.

It fits perfectly in my hand…which is great for my hand and diabolical for my eyes. I went from a gloriously large screen on the s3 to a pipsqueak iPhone. Scrolling on Facebook made me feel like a giant being forced to live in a gnome’s world. Everything felt so…cramped.  Words were overlaid over pictures where previously they had been on the side. Being able to see 5 status updates at a time turned into 1 or 2.
My poor calendar that I rely heavily on as a mother, employee, wife and student was reduced to dots on a monthly view that I had to actually click on to see what the hell they meant. You know why? Because the real estate didn’t exist to support me knowing exactly how many days I had between taking my TEAS exam and my Microbiology final without playing where in God’s name is Waldo with these painful dots that had replaced good old fashioned words in my calendar view.

Android had this really cool feature that allows you to reach the emergency dial list from the lock screen.  On that list were 5 of my family pictures and phone numbers. That made it very simple for my 1.5 year old to call daddy, gpa, gammy or uncle at any given time (sorry for the 20 phone calls, bro). It was a nice reassurance to me that if for some reason I had a stress heart attack that my kid could at least call somebody to tell them he had a “Choo choo” and wanted a “snack”.  If I had a heart attack with that iPhone I was even more screwed than I was with the Android. No calling grandma from that lockscreen.

Finally, and I warn you that this is sooo petty, I can’t move my apps where I want them to be. I want my WordPress app to live by itself on the second half of page 2, for example.  Android? Sure, you can do that. iOS?  No. No soup for you. And those annoying apps that come on the phone (stock????) can’t be hidden on iPhone.  You have to live with it.

I came crawling back asking Android to forgive me for basically making a side chick out of it.

I tried. I really did. If for no reason than for the benefit of my adorable husband. But, I promise you one thing. If I had to type this blog out from an iPhone 5s rather than this Galaxy s5, it never would have been this long!!