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Less than a month


Less than a month to show time, and I’m starting to get nervous. Waiting patiently for orientation to begin and generally just nervous about it all. I still can’t quite believe that it’s real. And the ride feels so smooth from decision to actually getting in. What a crazy I am…only applying to one school, putting all of my eggs in one basket, ultimately seeing that it can work that way!

But, let me be honest, I was good enough, I was smart enough and dog ‘gon it, people liked me; however, there were several other people they liked just as much and maybe even a little more than me.

I hope I don’t go into this sizing up the “competition”. The competing is over and I’m a grown ass woman. I think I will just enjoy the ride and appreciate that I’m in class with people I can learn a lot from, despite them being 10 years younger than me lol.



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