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Less than a month


Less than a month to show time, and I’m starting to get nervous. Waiting patiently for orientation to begin and generally just nervous about it all. I still can’t quite believe that it’s real. And the ride feels so smooth from decision to actually getting in. What a crazy I am…only applying to one school, putting all of my eggs in one basket, ultimately seeing that it can work that way!

But, let me be honest, I was good enough, I was smart enough and dog ‘gon it, people liked me; however, there were several other people they liked just as much and maybe even a little more than me.

I hope I don’t go into this sizing up the “competition”. The competing is over and I’m a grown ass woman. I think I will just enjoy the ride and appreciate that I’m in class with people I can learn a lot from, despite them being 10 years younger than me lol.


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It’s all so surreal. I’ve spent all the money we had saved for second car on preparation for school. I hope to pay that all back with a withdrawal from my 401k. As stupid as that sounds, the reality is I cannot go to school if my family doesn’t have 2 cars. We just wouldn’t make it and our son would suffer.

Either way, I am so excited about this next chapter of our lives!! As apprehensive as I am about working with the sick and  concerned public, it doesn’t match my enthusiasm!!! I’ve ordered the girliest versions of all things medical that I could find, from stethoscopes to bags to surgical shears.

I figured my enthusiasm would wane as I went through the program so may as well keep up the excitement momentum now.

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Whatcha Doin?

Warning…this is a phone post. Inevitable incoherent grammar will occur.

It’s 7:30 in the morning and my wee family is asleep. I, on the other hand, am not. I’m far too excited to sleep!!

So, what have I been doing?

The past week I have been spending money like a mad woman getting everything in place to start school in May! I’ve signed my son up at the neighborhood preschool, which also happens to be one of the best in the city. I’ve ordered not 1, but 2 stethoscopes (a Prestige Medical Clear Sound & a Littmann Classic II) after caving under the pressure to buy a really good one. I love them both and reckon will get good use out of them. I’ve ordered the most expensive shoes I’ve ever heard of (and quite possibly the ugliest): Danskos. I bought the pants for my school uniform and accompanying boat shoes. I ordered pen lights, blood pressure cuff (betty boop, of course), a certified background check (as opposed to an uncertified one?), paid my HESI exam fees (pre-licensure testing stuff) and have spent a good chunk of time in the financial aid office.

Oh, but that’s not all. I’ve given more blood than I’ve ever given before in my life to be screened for immunity to all sorts of infectious diseases. I’ve joined every single nurses association under the sun and I’ve scheduled a celebration dinner with my family where I plan to give out personalized “awards” to a select few whom without which I would never had made it this far.

This is a wild ride, but I am still in the driver’s seat.

I’ll update more soon when my wrist can bear it!!