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Time’s Up!

images Hallelujah! Praise somebody. The deadline is here: January 15th. In less than 2 hours, this damn nail biting agony will be over and done with. No more folks to compete with, finally. But…I still gotta wait. I still gotta wait on that “Yes! You have an interview!” to come along.


Today, I started my Microbiology class. Oh, man, is it going to be fun. My professor is sooo awesome and while I liked my old A&P II teacher, I’m happy I moved on from her and took this other teach instead for Micro. She is more my speed and much more my kinda funny. A great way to say goodbye to the State College (for now). And you know, while I’m on the subject, some people are totally sleeping on these State Colleges. I totally hated on them when I was young and stupid, convinced they were for “so-so” individuals. Man, please. These classes are hard, the instructors are genius! and the education I am getting is 10x more relatable than it was during my first undergrad. A lot of that may have to do with my age and maturity level. Let’s be real, I AM in my 30s, married with a child. My organization and time management skills have been honed, tried and tested. Basically, I have the discipline now that I didn’t have then. I also want now, when I only was “doing” then. Anyhow, I digress, never again will I look down on sister State College. It is so worth it and if for some reason I do not get into UMC, I will be pounding the pavement towards the State College program and I will graduate from it proudly!


Let’s keep in touch, eh?



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