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So…I had a lapse in faith today while interacting with UMC. I have, so far, experienced nothing short of perfect since beginning this quest nearly a year ago. But, then, today happened.

A couple of days ago, whilst stalking the status of my transcripts, I noticed my prerequisite GPA had finally updated to include my fall grades. Woohoo! That is until my brain turned on and realized my GPA was nothing like I knew it should be. Franticed (yes, I made that up), I checked my audit and noticed not 1, but 2 Bs. Wtf. What is that thing doing there? I emailed the admissions coordinator faster than a fruit fly incessantly avoids my imitation fly swatter and demanded (ok, politely requested. I’m not a demander) an answer to why my beautiful A in Chemistry did not don that ever so fragile prerequisite transcript in place of my not nearly as interesting B in general biology.

My answer…my answer was this: “We don’t look at your transcript once a category is satisfied unless you request us to.”

Wait…what? You mean that you don’t look at the transcript and make sure you have the best grade that fits in the “any additional science” category? You mean when my transcripts came in with 8 credit hours, 2 As; A&P2, Chemistry…you didn’t think to put Chemistry in the additional science spot and then, oh I don’t know, notice that something is already there with a big fat B staring you in the face?

Yes, to say my faith wavered is a understatement. But, I like this lady. She has been kind. She is stupid busy. Like ridiculously busy. And somebody that busy probably doesn’t have time  to check and double check.

Thank God I want this so bad. Without my craziness, I would have never noticed that and I would have lost my chance at nursing school.



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