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I am so damn nervous, I can’t tell a lie. I’ve found myself intimated by the scores and GPAs I’ve seen floating around the internet. As if all the other hopefuls got “the jump” on me. Ha! But you know what, while my scores may not be the highest, they are still competitive, and the glorious thing about the school I’m applying to is the emphasis they place on interview.

I’m seeing a lot of anxiety concerning the tests and GPAs on the internet but no emphasis on interview. At the same time, I’m seeing stories of friends with high scores that got denied.The storyteller then attempts to get even higher scores. Why? Your friends clearly bombed interview. If I depended on my scores to tell the entire story of my passion, it would never get across. Sure, my discipline would (GPA) and my recall/understanding would (TEAS) but what of my need to see this through? My reason for embarking on this crazy journey? My hunger for a life in public servitude rather than corporate ladder climbing? The vision I have to change the face of the working mother, to define her medical needs and success of both career and home by uncovering her psychological and basic needs through a means only education can give me?


Yet, here I am.


About my scores.


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